Black Mountain Goldendoodles

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Cheboygan, MI 49721

Our Girls
 BEAU CHIEN du MONT NOIR  (Beautiful dog of Black Mountain)
Beau Chien is a cream Standard Poodle.  She is friendly, loving and very intelligent.  Beau loves other animals, birds, butterflies, people and life!  

She has a wonderful personality, and produces exceptional puppies! 
 GEORGETTE du MONT NOIR  (Georgette of Black Mountain)
Georgette is an apricott Standard Poodle. Georgette is very calm and loving. She is very intelligent and sometimes tries to outsmart me (sometimes she succeeds). She has a great sense of humor and loves to play the "tease game". Georgette enjoys watching TV, especially when animals are on the show.    Both her parents are Phanthom Standard Poodles so she  produce some interestingly marked puppies. 
Bad Dog TOO!
She does what Beau Does


When two unrelated breeds of pure bred dogs are bred, the first generation offspring puppies are called hybrids.  These puppies are healthier and are superior to either of the pure bred parents. This is called "hybrid vigor".
LA ROUX CANICHE du MONT NOIR  (The red poodle of Black Mountain)
Roux is a dark mahogony red Standard Poodle.  She is actually much darker than my camera was able to capture.   I searched for her for two years before finding her in Louisiana.  My son drove down to pick her up and bring her home.  She is a very precious girl with a sweet personality and a sincere desire to please the people in her life.  She is lively but at the same time can be very calm.  She is loving, cuddly and is very intelligent.  I am certain she will have puppies that will be a wonderful addition to any family looking for their perfect puppy.
Roux being loved up a bit before her long ride home from Lousiana to Michigan
Home at tired.  Georgette is more than happy to take a nap with her on the couch in the puppy nursery
Roux at 4 months old
Roux going to the vets with a litter of puppies....they for their six week exam and first puppy shot and her for her Lymes disease vaccine
Still tired so Lola a 17 week old F1 Goldendoodle puppy comforts and snuggles with her