Black Mountain Goldendoodles

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Our Boys 
Teddy Bear is an F1 Golden Doodle.  You will never meet a sweeter guy.  Teddy is always a gentleman. Very docile and well behaved.  But very lively and full of fun when you get out the ball to play.  Teddy is very friendly and loves people and all kinds of animals.  His beautiful red, soft curls and strong build work together to make a very handsome guy!   Teddy is a proven stud and has fathered many litters.   
Ruger is an AKC Registered Golden Retriever.  Ruger lives on Bois Blanc Island with my son Troy .  Ruger has a great personality.  He is very intelligent and well trained.  Ruger is very social and gentle with other animals.  When deer come into the yard he doesn't chase them and it is not unusual to see him playing within a few feet of them.  Ruger loves to fetch!  He'll fetch anything, but especially loves balls. Ruger is a great companion and seems to be very intuitive.  He enjoys a lifestyle of swimming, going for walks and playing.  All this activity work together to make him a very athletic and fit guy!   Ruger is a proven stud and has fathered many litters.   
Jacques is an F1 Goldendoodle.  He is the son of Beau Chien and Ruger.  I kept Jacques because of his superior intelligence, recognizing at an early age that he would make a good addition to my breeding line.  Jacques is a wonderful, handsome boy.  He is gentle, loves people and truly wants to please.  He was so easy to train and so quick to learn.  He is the perfect dog and I am so happy to have him as one of my boys!
The "DONALD" do
Jacques is on the right
brother Ben is on the left
  9 months old
Teddy Bear
From time to time I will use another breeder's male for stud.  Buddy owned by Molly's Darling Doodles was used for Beau Chien's June 2017 litter.

Buddy is a very handsome, gentle, sweet and highly intelligent boy.
Reed is another breeder's male I use for stud.  Reed is owned by Steph's Sweet Pup for You

Reed is the Sire and Beau Chien  is the dam for a litter of F1 Goldendoodles expected around 1/13/18

Reed is a fun loving playful boy with a very sweet personality.  He is a gorgeous deep red.