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Golden Retriever and Standard Poodle
Standard Poodle
Black Mountain Goldendoodles Guardian Homes
Special families may qualifying to become Guardian Homes.

We believe that it is better if our sires and dams are living with a family in their homes.   When the sires and dams are in a home situation they are socialized, calm, loving and loyal.  A Guardian home provides a forever home and family.  They deserve nothing less.  We currently have six adult dogs living in our home.  I'm sorry to say "The inn is full". 

Our goal is to provide the absolutely best Goldendoodle puppies we can. In order to do that we must have a selection of adults that meet high standards, and so a variety of dogs are necessary.  Part of that goal requires that our adults have the benefits that only living with a family gives.

Basically the Guardian family has the puppy/dog living with them, the breeder retains ownership and  has the right to breed at their option for an agreed number of litters.  At the end of the breeding time or when the agreed upon litters have been completed, the breeder spays/neuters the dog and the Guardian family is given ownership.

If you are interested in becoming a Guardian Home and believe your are qualified contact us.

The breeds that may be available from time to time are the Golden Retriever, the Standard Poodle and the Goldendoodle.  The pictures below are NOT available dogs but examples of the differnt breeds

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Family with F1 and F1b Goldendoodles
Goldendoodle and Standard Poodle