Black Mountain Goldendoodles

9341 Twin Lakes Rd.
Cheboygan, MI 49721

Bill of Sale and Health Guarantee

The agreement is between
The Seller: Betsy Hoffman 

9341 Twin Lakes Rd.
Cheboygan, MI 49721

The Buyer:  _____________________________________________
Address:  ___________________________________________
City:  ________________________________  State:  ________   Zip:  _________                                               Phone #: _______________________
Cell #: _________________________
E-mail Address: _________________________

The Buyer enters into and agrees to all terms stated in this contract as witnessed by their signatures below.  

The puppy/dog sold pursuant to the terms of this agreement is understood to be a companion pet only and not sold as a breeding or showing prospect.

Sire: ____________________________________
Dam: ____________________________________
Date of Birth: _____________________________
Color: ___________________________________
Gender: _________________________________
Puppy/dog description: ________________________________________________________
Microchip #: _____________________________
Purchase Price (not including shipping): __________________
Less Deposit: __________________ (Deposit is non-refundable)
Plus Shipping: ___________________ (if applicable)
Balance Due: ___________________

Seller guarantees that at the time of delivery, the puppy/dog is in good health and has received proper health care including, but not limited to: worming, age appropriate vaccinations and a thorough health exam by our Veterinarian. All medical records for the dog are provided to Buyer along with recommendations Seller feels are important for the future health of the puppy/dog. Seller assumes no liability for injury of puppy/dog during or after transport to Seller

The following conditions apply to the sale of the aforementioned puppy/dog:

A. The Buyer has (3) business days from the time of receipt of puppy/dog to have puppy/dog examined by a Veterinarian. Any request to return the puppy/dog to the Seller for a full refund must be made within this time period and may only be requested should the puppy/dog prove to be sick upon arrival. Proof of examination must be provided. The puppy/dog must be returned to the Seller within 7 days along with Vet record of illness. Please do your part and do not take your puppy to places where it may be exposed to illnesses until it has received all its puppy shots (usually around 16-17 weeks of age).

B.A warranty against all serious life altering genetic disease is provided until the dog is two year of age. Should a genetic disease be discovered during this time, that will greatly shorten the life of-or greatly alter the quality of life of the dog, Seller will provide Buyer with a full refund of purchase price only (not including shipping charges). Proof of diagnosis must be provided and the Seller has the option of having the diagnosis confirmed by a Veterinarian of her choice before a refund is issued. 

C.A warranty for Hip Dysplasia is provided for two years. This warranty will be terminated should the dog be allowed to become overweight or developing joints be overstressed at any point during the first two years. Should the dog be found to have moderate or severe Hip Dysplasia within the first two years, Seller will provide a replacement puppy or refund the full purchase price only (not including shipping charges). Buyer must provide Seller with proof in the form of documentation from PennHIP or OFA. Seller reserves the right to confirm the results before a replacement or refund is granted.

D.Buyer agrees to return the dog to Seller – or allow Seller to re-home dog, should it become necessary at any point during its life. Seller should be the first contact if you can no longer keep the dog. Seller offers a re-home policy on all dogs bred at Black Mountain Golden Doodles. This health warrant is void if the puppy/dog is transferred to a new owner before the age of 2 years.  

E. Black Mountain Golden Doodles puppies are sold with no breeding rights included unless discussed and agreed upon in advance. The Buyer agrees to spay or neuter this dog by 7 (seven) months of age. Buyer must send proof to Seller via e-mail or regular mail. Failure to follow through with the spay/neuter contract as outlined above will terminate this entire health warranty. The Buyer shall pay the breeder the sum of $2,000 for breeding rights. Any legal fees incurred by the Seller to enforce this non-breeding contract are the sole responsibility of the Buyer.

F.Under no circumstances shall the Seller be liable to the Buyer or to any third party for any consequential, incidental or special damages resulting from or in a manner related to the puppy/dog.

G.Upon execution of this contract all veterinary care and its associated costs are the sole and exclusive Responsibility of the Buyer.

Buyer agrees to maintain this puppy/dog in good health, provide routine preventative health care Including, but not limited to, Vaccinations, Internal and External Parasites, Heartworm prevention, Flea and Tick control, and any other preventative medication a Vet feels is needed. Veterinary records must be provided to Seller if requesting refund or replacement. If any of the above preventative care has not been provided, the health warranty will be void.

Both Buyer and Seller agree that this Contract represents the entire Agreement between them and that no other representations have been made regarding the puppy described above.

  SELLER: _________________________________________________ DATE: ___________________

  BUYER: __________________________________________________ DATE: ___________________